RadioShack Five Day Weather Forecaster

Many questions about the operation of your device can be answered by reading the product manual. For troubleshooting tips, and to learn more about your device, please refer to the support information provided below.


Before you purchase this product, please contact the support team to make sure your location is covered. Devices are operational in the U.S. only.

Startup Troubleshooting

No Power

If you've put batteries into your forecaster and you still don't see any numbers or moving segments on the screen, the device has not powered up. Try replacing the batteries - you should immediately see the device 'testing' different parts of the screen, even before you have weather data.

Stuck at Startup

If your forecaster is within range of Ambient's network, it should receive a weather update within the first several hours of operation. However, if the device does not have strong enough reception to get an update, it will remain in startup mode (screen segments will flash, but city names and temperature will not appear).

If this occurs, check the signal strength indicator in the lower right corner of the screen. If the tower icon has zero or one 'rings' around it, your device may not be getting strong enough reception to get weather updates. If your location is covered on our coverage map, try moving the device around your home or office (a window is often the best place for the forecaster) until you get two or three signal strength 'rings'. This will ensure that your forecaster updates frequently.

If your location is covered but your device has been powered on for 24 hours without receiving any updates, OR if your device used to work but is no longer updating, there may be a problem with your local signal tower. In this case, please contact our customer support team so that Ambient can investigate the problem.

Forecaster Operation

Once your forecaster has begun receiving weather updates, you can toggle through five regional cities by pressing the button on the underside of the device.

City Codes

To look up the list of cities that your forecaster is displaying, check our list online.
List of Cities

New City Availability

The five cities that your forecaster displays depend upon the geographic region in which the device is located. Since the forecaster automatically displays the updates sent to it by your local signal tower, there is no way to select a new group of five cities. However, if you would like to receive weather data for a sixth location of your choice, you may subscribe to our Premium service. A Premium channel comes with a 90-day free trial, after which the service costs $6.95 per month. To learn more about this option or to sign up for the Premium service, register your device at

Inaccurate or Incomplete Weather Data

If your forecaster is showing incorrect three-character city labels, incomplete or incorrect weather updates, or fewer than five cities, the device may not be getting good reception. Check the signal strength indicator in the top right corner of the screen - if you are getting zero or ones bars, the device may be processing updates incorrectly, or missing them altogether.

Reception problems can also cause 'lagging,' a condition in which your forecaster's current temperature readings are consistently slow to update.

Premium Channels

Ambient's Premium service allows you to add one additional city to the forecaster, for a total of six cities. The new location can be any city or zip code of your choosing, including many international locations. To sign up for the Premium service, just register your device at, log into your new account, and select the 'Upgrade' option.

Candidates for Premium service

Any forecaster that receives regular weather updates to its five default cities can be upgraded to Ambient's Premium service. However, if your device is in a location where signal strength is too weak for it to receive automatic updates, Ambient will not be able to add a Premium channel to your forecaster. Currently, only one Premium channel can be added to the forecaster, although you can change the forecast location as often as you like!

Problems With Your Premium Channel

If you have signed up for the Premium service but your forecaster still isn't providing information for a sixth city, the device may have 'missed' its upgrade signal. In this case, please contact Ambient customer service to have this signal sent again.

If you have successfully upgraded but your Premium channel seems not to update frequently enough, you may need to move the forecaster to a location where it gets better reception.

If your forecaster has gone for a long period of time without batteries, the Premium channel may not appear when the device is next powered up. Contact Ambient customer service to have your sixth channel restored.

Making Changes to Your Premium Channel

To change your Premium channel's forecasted location, to update your account's billing information, or to cancel your Premium service, log into your account at, select 'My Devices', find your device, then select the 'More Information' option under the image of the device. At the Device Details page under Subscriptions select the 'Remove subscription' option.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered above? Contact Ambient Customer Support:

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Phone (9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST, M-F): 1-866-311-1999