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Many questions about the operation of your device can be answered by reading the product manual. For troubleshooting tips, and to learn more about your device, please refer to the support information provided below.


Before you purchase this product, please contact the support team to make sure your location is covered. Devices are operational in the U.S. only.

Startup Behavior

If the Orb or Beacon is in a covered location, it will receive an update and settle on the appropriate color within several hours of being plugged in. When the device is initially powered up, it will flash red for up to a minute, then begin to cycle through its range of colors. This cycling means that the device has detected the presence of the Ambient network, but has not yet received an update. If the device has cycled for 24 hours without settling on a color, it is in a location with poor reception. Move the device to a new location to receive an update.

The Orb's default setting is to monitor activity in the DJIA, and its first update will reflect changes in the day's market on a red (market down) to green (market up) color spectrum. The Beacon's default setting is to monitor the current temperature for the closest available city (go to Ambient's list of forecasted cities below). Its first update will reflect the current temperature, from blue (cold) to red (hot).
List of Cities

Channel Selection

To select an alternate channel for your Orb or Beacon, register the device at A list of available data can be viewed from your account.

Immediately after selecting a new channel, a signal will be sent to your device, and your device only. This signal will cause the Orb or Beacon to flash green, indicating that your device has a new setting. To start receiving information on the new channel, press the yellow button on the underside of the device. It will settle on the appropriate color for the new channel you've selected.

Troubleshooting Guide

Generally, any abnormal behavior of the Ambient Orb or Beacon is the result of weak signal strength. If the device does not update frequently, or has settled on an incorrect color, try moving it to a new location such as a window or a different room. Good reception will ensure that the Orb or Beacon updates frequently and correctly.

'Stuck' Orbs and Beacons

If the Orb or Beacon becomes 'stuck' on one color, or consistently displays incorrect data, it may need to be reset. Find a paperclip or pin that will fit through the small hole in the plastic baseplate of the device. Press and hold the button located under the baseplate - the Orb or Beacon will flash red for several seconds, and then the lights will go dark. When the lights come back on, release the reset button. The device will now color cycle until receiving an update.

Incorrect Color Values

If your device is receiving updates but the colors it displays appear incorrect, one or several of its colored lights may no longer be working. To test the lights, unplug your Orb or Beacon and plug it back in; the device will begin to color cycle. If you cannot see brilliant reds, blues, and greens as the device cycles, its lights may be broken. Contact Ambient customer service to have the Orb or Beacon repaired.

Color Cycling Device

If your Orb or Beacon is in a covered location but never receives an update, or if the device begins to color cycle after working properly initially, please contact Ambient customer service so that the problem can be further investigated.

Premium Channels

Several custom channels are available for the Ambient Orb and Beacon, including zip code specific weather, personal stock portfolio information, and more! Ambient Orbs can also be used to display custom data. After you've signed your Orb up for the Custom Orb Data channel (a Premium service), refer to the document herePDF icon for instructions on how to send customized data to the device. The Premium subscription channels can be previewed free of charge for 90 days, after which they cost $6.95 per month. To learn more, register your Orb or Beacon at

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