Ambient Devices Flurry Alarm Clock with Weather Forecast

Many questions about the operation of your device can be answered by reading the product manual. For troubleshooting tips, and to learn more about your device, please refer to the support information provided below.
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Before you purchase this product, please contact the support team to make sure your location is covered. Devices are operational in the U.S. only.

Startup Troubleshooting

Stuck at Startup

Your alarm clock needs to be plugged in for you to begin setup - the device will not have full functionality if you are using only the backup battery. Once it's plugged in, a message on the screen will ask you to select your time zone before you proceed.

If your alarm clock is within range of Ambient's network, it should receive a weather update within the first several hours of operation. The device's clock will automatically set when your first weather update arrives. If you have waited several hours without receiving a weather update, check how many bars of signal strength appear next to the word 'ambient' on the right side of the screen. If you have zero or one bars, your device may not be getting strong enough reception to get weather updates. If your location is covered on our coverage maps, try moving the device around your home or office (a window is often the best place) until you get two or three signal strength bars. This will ensure that your device updates frequently.

If your location is covered but your device has been powered on for 24 hours without receiving any updates, OR if your device used to work but is no longer updating, there may be a problem with your local signal tower. In this case, please contact our Customer Support team so that Ambient can investigate the problem.

Weather Functionality

City Labels

To look up the list of cities that the weather forecaster on your clock radio is displaying, check our list of cities online. Although additional options may be available in the future, this list contains all of the cities currently offered for the Flurry Alarm Clock.
List of Cities

Inaccurate or Incomplete Weather Data

If your alarm clock is showing incorrect city labels, incomplete or incorrect weather updates, or has missing data for some cities, the device may not be getting good reception. Check the signal strength indicator in the top right corner of the screen - if you are getting zero or ones bars, the device may be processing updates incorrectly, or missing them altogether.

Reception problems can also cause 'lagging,' a condition in which your current temperature readings are consistently slow to update.

To solve either of these problems, find a location in which your alarm clock displays two or three bars indicating signal strength. If the device is getting good reception, it will update frequently and with the correct weather information. If your alarm clock does display incorrect information, it does not mean that the device is broken - most data problems can be fixed automatically by simply letting Flurry receive its next update.

Alarm Clock

Your alarms will not ring unless they have been activated (the round buttons are in the 'up' position). Alarms 1 and 2 are completely independent - if you hit 'Snooze' when Alarm 1 rings, the set time for Alarm 2 will not be affected.

The snooze length can be adjusted from the Settings menu - press the 'Settings' button and use the silver scroll wheel to find the appropriate menu entry.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered above? Contact Ambient Customer Support:

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